Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tooth Update

The prognosis on my tooth is that way back in May when I bite into a bone in a hamburger and bruised the tooth, I probably also cracked it.  The crack does not show up on x-ray and doesnt seem to be one that goes all the way through, but the endodontist said the tooth exhibits every sign of a cracked tooth.  Plus the tooth wiggles and moves when pushed.  That is not a good sign. This is a tooth that I had a root canal done on 3 years ago and the endodontist said it was a poorly done root canal and is not up to the standards he set for himself for his patients.  (This is a lesson, when you find a good dentist stick with him even if it does mean driving downtown and having to pay for parking!)  His recommendation is to have the tooth pulled because in the long run it will mean less wear and tear and problems.  So, Friday at 11:15 the tooth is getting yanked.  I asked how its done with the hopes that sedation was offered but noits numb and yank.  The endodontist did give me an RX for Amoxicillin and said that if I take it today, the area around the tooth should be better by Friday and will make it easier for the oral surgeon to yank itunless it comes off in pieces.  Lets all hope it does come off in pieces

Its weird not being in school.  When I get home now, I make dinner and clean up the kitchen as I normally would but after thatI have all kinds of free time.  I no longer have to slave away on reading or homework for class and its heavenly.  Ive been reading lots of library books and last night I caught up on my Real Housewives of Orange County.  You know I hate that show and yet when its on, I cant look away.  I especially hate that Vicki woman.  Talk about a control freak.  Her children are adults living on their own and she admits to still controlling their behavior by paying for stuff and then threatening to yank her financial help if they dont comply with her.  The most levelheaded person on that show is the daughter of the former playmate.  She graduated as her high school valedictorian and is off to college to pursue law studies.  The rest of her family is certifiably crazy though.

Monday night I had to go to my local library to drop off and pick up.  The library is housed in a county building that also houses our clerk of courts, drivers license, and other county functions.  As I walked in, I saw a woman in a bridal gown holding a bouquet of flowers, a guy dressed in armed forces dress clothes, and other people milling about in fancy duds.  It was 4:30 on a Monday night and it was obvious someone was getting married.  The couple was young, so cute, and very earnest and excited.  I wished I had had my camera with so I could have offered to take their photos.  I didnt see a photographer and someone mentioned how they were just waiting for the judge so they could get started.  It would have been fun to take their pictures.  I made the assumption that they guy was probably shipping out soon, hence the Monday night justice O the peace marriage.  It was just the cutest thing ever.  I wish them all the luck in the world.

My nephew turns 13 next week.  I was IMing him last night and asked what he had planned for the big day.  Turns out that he won a free limo ride at some recent function so he and his friends will be transported around town in a limo.  Oh, and they are going bowling.  Too fun!  I have only ever ridden in a limo one time.  I too won that ride.  I was in college and entered a contest where I won front row concert tickets, dinner, and a limo ride to and from everything.  I took my best friend JG and we had a blast.  The only way it could have been better was to also have been able to go back stage.  Also, my photos from the night turned out badly because my camera settings were set for an art photography project I was doing and I forgot to change them back.  All my pictures came back blurry and with movement lines.  Arg.

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lap said...

Wow, the fact your dentist recommended the tooth get yanked gives me hope. I have several broken teeth that mostly don't bother me, except that they are, y'know broken. I have this fear that the dentist will insist on saving them, and I don't like crowns, since everyone I know who's had them has had terrible problems. I would like them yanked.