Wednesday, November 14, 2007

One Month to Forty

Today marks one month until my fortieth birthday.  I was writing a short blurb to put in our Christmas letter and I mentioned that I will be starting my fourth decade of life.  Bob read it and said he was sorry to tell me but no, I will be ending my fourth decade and beginning my fifth.  Yikes!  I didnt much like the sound of that.  Can I just keep saying Im 39 every year from now on?

I can definitely tell that the walking cast helps stabilize the ankle.  It certainly hurts less when Im wearing it.  When I got home from work yesterday, the cats were freaked.  Their tails got all puffy and their eyes were HUGE.  I took the boot off and put it in the middle of the room so they could check it out.  In no time they were playing with the straps and ignoring it as usual.  Bob made fun of me for taking it off but I didnt do much besides sit on the couch and finish homework.  Still, it makes a huge difference in the level of pain; i.e. much less pain when Im wearing it.  I just wish it wasnt such a warm piece of equipment.  It covers my whole leg from foot to knee and keeps me rather toasty. 

I did read this after Googling What is that knobby bone on the ankle called?  Causes of a broken ankle - Your ankle joint is made up of three bones — the shinbone (tibia), the lower leg bone (fibula) and the ankle bone (talus). One or more of these bones can break during a fall or blow to your ankle. However, the most common type of broken ankle is a fracture in one of the knobby bumps (each called a malleolus) at the lower ends of the tibia and fibula. These bones help support the joint where your ankle bone connects to your heel bone (calcaneus), which allows your foot to rock from side to side. They're often injured when your ankle rolls inward or outward.

Speaking of doing homeworkI am done!  I turned in my part of our presentation and all thats left is to present it in class tomorrow.  After tomorrow, no more school!  Whoot! 

I was supposed to help Bob and his sister with a church sale on Saturday but with the broken ankle I will be unable to fulfill my duties so instead I get to stay home and do nothing.  Actually, I will be staying home and cleaning since our apartment hasnt had a good, thorough cleaning since I went back to school in April. Ive been spot cleaning along the way but havent been doing much beyond that.  So, on my first weekend with no homework I will be doing housework.  Still, I cant wait.

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Mary said...

Congratulations on finishing your work! What a great feeling!