Monday, November 05, 2007

Girls' Weekend Away Wrap-up

Girls’ weekend away was successful.  Other than spraining my ankle of course.  I slept really well both nights, ankle not withstanding.  I got some reading done, I crocheted 2 dishcloths, and I managed to get 2 of my 3 pages written for school. I also came up with an idea for our final presentation that my co-contributors LOVED!  I ended up leaving the resort at 3 with another friend.  The 2 hour trip home went by quite quickly.  I dropped her off and was home by 5:30 and darkness was JUST settling over the metro.

Things went quickly downhill however when I walked into the apartment to find; A.) Mail strewn across the couches in the living room, B.) dishes piled in the sink without having been rinsed, C.) Pots and pans on the stoves still greasy, D.) Stains and spatters still on the stovetop and neighboring counter, E.) The clothes STILL not folded after having been PROMISED they would be folded by the time I left for the trip, F.) The floor STILL not vacuumed despite being told not to do it myself before leaving because it’s something easy that Bob can do, G.) Half the meals I left for Bob not consumed and H.) Dirty clothes and towels strewn all over the bedroom floor.  So even though I walked in the door tired and hobbly due to the gimp ankle, I ended up making a home made pizza for dinner, cleaning the kitchen and fridge, folding the clothes, running the dishwasher, and vacuuming the floor.  All before 7pm so I could catch the season premiere of The Amazing Race.  I went to bed after that though.

Seriously, Bob is in pain MUCH of the day and is in a wheelchair all day but he is not helpless.  He can do a lot around the house and usually is pretty good about keeping things picked up and put away.  I don’t know what he did all weekend but whatever it was had nothing to do with putting anything away.  I was OK with the kitchen being a mess because it IS hard for him to maneuver his wheelchair in that room.  But with each thing I found, I just got more and more frustrated.  Especially with the things he told me to leave for him to do.  Arg.  He knew I was getting frustrated but rather than say anything to me, he just went to bed.  Awesome.

Oh, also, we did not get pregnant miraculously without medical intervention this month.  Just in case you were wondering.  And I’m still coughing.  I need another girls’ weekend away.

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