Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Homework

Happy Birthday Mary! Your card is in the mail. How does it feel to be 40 and fabulous?

So, what would you do your first full weekend without homework? I slept in and it was fabulous. Then I got up and got to work. First, I cleaned out our pantry and gathered items for our apartment building food drive. Then I cleaned our fridge and freezer out as we had food there from the ice age. Once that was done, I took out the trash and brought the food shelf items to the holding area. Then it was time to shower and dress. After that, it was errand running time.

Today I went to Sam's club and bought a 1 year membership. My graduation/birthday party is in January and I thought that it would be worth it to get the food at Sam's. Their meat & cheese trays at only $25 compared to $40 or $50 at other places for the exact same thing. I've also heard that their cakes are good too! While there I shopped a bit and found some great deals on meat. I got a little over 5lbs of ground chuck for $10, a nice beef and pork roast, and some dishwasher soap.

After Sam's club I went to our regular grocery store to get some groceries. I had a coupon and got a 10lb turkey for $5.00! After that I went to the discount grocer and got some other stuff. All in all, I got all our groceries and was able to restock our pantry, freezer, and fridge.

Once I got home I put all the new stuff away and started cleaning. I began to clean at 2pm and didn't finish until after 9pm. Our apartment hasn't been deep cleaned since I went back to school in April. I was spot cleaning as needed but today I went all out. Our apartment was a pit. Now it looks amazing...well, at least to me. Bob said he doesn't really notice a difference but I can tell you that our apartment was horribly dirty. Gah. I cleaned out the cat boxes and the room that houses said boxes. I vacuumed the furniture and every corner and crevice, cleaned baseboards, swept, mopped, dusted, and scrubbed. It was cathartic. I even changed the sheets on the bed and will do laundry tomorrow.

There is something about having a clean house and full pantry that makes me feel complete somehow. I feel as if I can go to bed tonight and be satisfied and rested. I feel as if my house is in order. I made chili for dinner and will make the pork roast for dinner tomorrow. We have everything we need for Thanksgiving, the house is clean, and I feel as if my job is done. It was a good day.

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sparklingmerlot said...

I can so relate to the calm mental state that accompanies a tidy home. There is something very settling about going to bed knowing that you will wake up to a tidy, clean house.

That might explain why I'm not very settled at the moment!! I have a day off on Friday (nothing to do with holidays yet... Australia doesn't do Thanksgiving) and had not planned to do housework but, thanks to you and this post, I think the rest of my life will be far more organised if I can get my house in order.

Thankyou :)