Friday, November 30, 2007

The Tooth Hurts...

The tooth is gone and the Novocain is just starting to wear off.  Gah.  As is usually the case, the fear I’d built up prior to the extraction was worse than the actual event.  However, they left me sitting in the dental chair for nearly an hour before they got to me.  I guess someone came in with a dental emergency and Friday is one of their busiest days due to everyone needing to get in before the weekend.  Still, it wasn’t so bad and I’m actually back at work right now.  The big hole in my mouth feels weird.  Plus there is some kind of weird blister on my gum above where the tooth was.  My mom said it was most likely a pus-pocket.  The oral surgeon concurred and said it was due to the infection.  Yuck.  He just left it there.  The Amoxicillin I’m on should take care of it though.  I just stuck my tongue in the hole between the top and bottom teeth and holy crap it seems HUGE!  The dentist did say that someday I may want an implant there but he also said that upper implants are hard because of sinuses and gravity.

In caring for the new empty place, I cannot rinse mouth or brush teeth for 24 hours.  Then I need to start rinsing with salt water.  I can’t eat or drink until the bleeding has slowed/stopped and only then soft lukewarm things. I can use a moistened tea bag if I run out of gauze or if bleeding picks up.  Not sure what the tea bag thing is about, but that might be a good idea.  I did get some soup and ravioli from the cafeteria for later.  I just don’t feel like eating yet though I am drinking a coke to get the taste out of my mouth.

In response to Lap’s comment from yesterday’s entry…I think dentists want to try to save your teeth if at all possible but it really depends on where they are located and how badly they are damaged.  The one I had pulled was the last molar in the upper left of my jaw.  It was a tooth which was the recipient of a badly done root canal and the effort to save it really wasn’t worth it as far as the work involved versus the damage and the unclear outcome of trying to save it.  But if you are adamant in wanting teeth pulled rather than saved, they will do as you, the patient say.

When I was at the endodontist office on Wednesday I told his assistant that I liked her hair.  She had shoulder length vibrant red hair with a beautiful ringlet curl.  Both she and the Doctor laughed.  Then she explained that she hadn’t had hair like that until she was diagnosed with breast cancer, went through chemo, lost her hair, and this is what grew back.  I asked her if it changed color as well as texture and she said no and that while she liked the curly hair, it was taking her some getting used to because it was so different from before the chemo.  I assured her it was lovely and it’s the kind of hair women with straight hair would kill for.

This weekend, pending control on the mouth pain, I plan on shopping for a dress and shoes for graduation.  I also need to get 2 white elephant gifts for Bob’s family Christmas party which we are hosting next weekend.  Can it be that December 8th is NEXT WEEKEND?  Crazy.  I was in need of a winter coat but found one on sale (no shipping cost) at LL Bean.  I also got birthday shopping done for my brother and nephew.  For the most part, we don’t exchange Christmas gifts other than with each other and our younger niece and nephews. And this year Bob and I aren’t doing much in the way of exchanging gifts because of our cruise, so I am almost done with the Christmas shopping.

Also this weekend I am hoping to get our tree and decorations out and up.  It’s supposed to snow between 6-10 inches so it might be a fun, festive time to do it.  Thankfully the outdoor lights have already been assembled and put up.  Oh!  And I managed to get my birthday/graduation party invites stamped and in the mail this morning so the festivities have officially been kicked off.

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lap said...

This is the grossest thing to leave in your comments, but it's for sure a pus pocket, and you can pierce and drain it if you wanted, with a needle because sometimes that is more pain than the tooth.(was in your case) Salt water rinses are amazingly soothing I think too. Paulina lost her wiggly lower molar and it seems like both the gaps in her mouth are huge now. They are diagonal from each other too.