Friday, December 22, 2006

Bob and his dad

Bob and his dad
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Bob's dad is dying. He's been sick for a while so it's not a big surprise. What is a surprise is how long he has managed to hold on and keep going.

I talked to Bob's sister who has been with their dad and she said it shouldn't be long. The doctors were going to do this and do that but instead just decided to make him comfortable until the end. He was bleeding out of his mouth and nose yesterday and his organs are slowly shutting down. It could be days. It could be hours. But the man Bob knows as his dad is not long for this world.

Bob hasn't had a close relationship with his dad partly because of proximity but mostly because of history. Yet he loves him and made his peace with him years ago. His death brings the end of hoping for more and yet all that could be done was done.

I wish him peace as he crosses from this life to the next and hope peace and healing can come to every member of this broken family before it's too late.

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Cosmicrayola said...

My prayers are with all of you.