Thursday, December 28, 2006

Waiting on the iPod

Canoe Racers On Parade
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This is the photo that won me third place in my hometown’s photo contest. I like it but I don’t think it’s anything special. In perusing all the photos I sent in for consideration, I can find at least a half dozen that I like better. Still, I’m not complaining. I did mail back the other honorable mention award. I emailed the person on the chamber that contacted me first and she emailed me back saying they would find the person responsible for that particular photo and get the gift certificate back to them. I hope so. If my photo won something but was attributed to someone else, I would be so pissed. I hope they find the person that took that photo.

Yesterday a woman from the MDA magazine contacted me by email and wanted information on what it’s like to live in an apartment when one of you is handicapped. I emailed her back all the info I had. I hope she uses our experience in her article to help others who may need the information. In the meantime, the info I gave her spurs me to contact our management office to see if they will implement some accessible things to this apartment in order to make things easier for Bob.

Work was busy again today. I was crazy busy until I stopped to look at the clock and saw it was 4pm. Wow! Where did the time go? Tomorrow we get off early. I am going to go and do a little bit of last minute Christmas shopping before my family Christmas shin dig on Saturday. I like work when it’s busy. I especially like work when I am doing the job I was hired to do and not a bunch of crappy made up jobs to fill time.

Speaking of the family Christmas shin dig, my Grandma called me tonight to ask where my parents might be. She was expecting them and they weren’t there. I got worried thinking my grandma was farther gone that I believed. But she told me my dad had had a business meeting in Prairie Du Chien and had told her they would just come to her place directly from the meeting rather than go all the way home and come back here tomorrow. Dad called around 8:30 to confirm they were at Grandma’s and he had indeed changed plans. Mom said she had emailed me the change of plans but I don’t think so. I think I would have remembered that. Or maybe I suffer from her illness of just skimming email instead of reading it in depth. Whatever. They are here and they are safe and everyone is happy.

I am taking next Friday off in order to be available to help Bob’s sister with the memorial preparations. If she doesn’t need me, I will be there to help Bob buy a suit. He doesn’t have one and I think he needs one for his father’s memorial service. I’m not sure where we will come up with the cash, but we always have what we need, so I’m not too worried.

The iPod still hasn’t shown up, though through completely anal refreshing of the tracking page, I see that it’s been shipped. Man, I wish it would get here already. Last night Bob and I worked side by side in our office, all the while listening to the music I’d uploaded to my computer. Bob asked me if it was all music I had picked. I said it was though that most of it was from CDs I’d uploaded versus tunes from the net. He then said, “You know, you have great taste in music Babe!” Funny how after 5 years of music there are still things that can surprise you about your spouse.

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