Monday, December 18, 2006

The Week Ahead Looks Good

I think there is a sign on our van inviting people to just pull out in front of it.  Either that or it’s actually an invisible car that happens to make its inhabitants invisible as well.  I took my lunch hour and went out to get the last of Bob’s Christmas presents.  I thought if I took a later lunch hour, I would miss the crazy lunch shoppers.  I was wrong.  During the Christmas shopping season, there is no such thing as a shopping slowdown.  On my way to Tar-zjay, no less than 3 vehicles pulled out in front of me JUST as I reached their corners.  I almost hit a car turning left in front of me.  I was driving a big burgundy van…it’s not like it’s my usual tiny gold Hyundai. What is WITH these people?

Anyway, I managed to get the last of my Christmas shopping for Bob done.  Now all I have left to shop for are my two nephews for our family party on the 30th.   We also have a wedding on January 6th to buy for, so I will just include that in my holiday shopping “to do” list as well.  Now I just have to wrap and organize the stuff so Bob can’t snoop.

When I got back to work, I checked my mailbox and found something I had ordered for Bob a while ago and forgot all about.  Sometime this summer I made Bob some business cards but he recently ran out and asked me to make him some more.  Instead of making them, I went online and ordered some.  They turned out great.  He is going to be so surprised.  I also had a surprise for me.  I had a lovely bouquet of flowers on my desk.  I had taken the birthday flowers from Thursday home over the weekend and was at a lost as to who had sent these flowers.  Turns out, the florist messed up Bob’s original order and he called them after seeing the bouquet I brought home.  This second arrangement was from the florist as a “We’re sorry we messed up your order” gift.  So now I have a gorgeous bouquet of irises, roses, and gerbera daisies at home and a bouquet of yellow tea roses, something bright purple, something light purple, and something cream.  Thanks florist who messed up the first order!

Birthday week continues.  Tomorrow night a former co-worker is coming over to our place with pizza to celebrate and I’m meeting some girlfriends Wednesday night to celebrate.  I was supposed to meet them last week but due to burbly tummy, I postponed.  On Thursday, Bob sees his orthopedist and though I’m not going, I am anxious to hear what they will have to say about his back.  Originally they wanted to give him steroid injections, but with having a neuro-muscular disease it is not recommended.  Surgery is also low on the list because of the MD.  He doesn’t do well with anesthesia. Anyway, my semi-boring week is looking up.  I just don’t know what to make for dinner tonight.

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