Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow Has Come

snowy road
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I know Colorado got hit with some big snow so this is nothing comparatively speaking, but we are getting some snow ourselves. It started out as rain icing over the trees, signs, lights, and wires. An hour after I got back from lunch, it turned to snow and came floating down in the largest flakes I’ve ever seen. It looked as though someone had sliced open hundreds of feathered pillows and dropped the contents from a great height. After a while, the flakes started coming faster and faster. We could not see passed a few feet in front of our windows. A bunch of people left work early so as to avoid the idiots on the drive home. However, if everyone leaves early and is on the roads, does that suggest that some may be idiot drivers themselves? Just wondering.

Bob surprised me by dropping by to take me to lunch. We went to an Irish pub just up the street. It was exactly the right kind of food for today. Stick to your ribs comfort food that was warm and hearty. Bob had the fish and chips and I had the potato leek soup with a nice grilled cheese on rye. So good. Bob did say next time he visited this particular establishment he would like to try the bangers and mash. I said I would like to try the shepherds pie but then was also thinking the corn beef and cabbage sounded good so who knows. Anyway, it was a nice surprise to eat lunch with my husband.

When Bob stopped by, he had just come from seeing the Orthopedist. It ended up being kind of waste of time. The doctor basically told him what he already knew and then told him there wasn’t much beyond physical therapy that they can do for him. So he is going to go to PT and see how that helps. I was hoping this doctor could/would at least write him an RX for a new wheelchair seat cushion but he said Bob would have to go through his MD MD for that. He only sees that guy once a year, and isn’t looking forward to an extra visit there at all. He is fed up with doctors. Especially when they tell him stuff he already knows and then tells him they can’t really help him. This is the one area where I feel so helpless. I tend to harp on him to see a doctor because that’s the only way I know to help him. When the doctor knows what’s wrong and how to fix it, it’s a huge relief. When the doctor is a clueless clod, well, the helplessness just increases tenfold. The next doctor’s appointment I need to nag him to is the one who has been keeping an eye on his hernia. It’s been bothering him a lot lately. He admitted today that he puts off calling because he’s afraid the doctor will find that it’s more than just a hernia. I told him that even if it is something other than a hernia (which I don’t think it is) then it’s better to catch it early and take care of it. I think it can wait until after the holidays though.

Bob and I were just asked to be on the committee for one of the major MDA fundraisers! It’s called the Stride and Ride and is basically a walk to raise money for MDA. We happily accepted. I just can’t say enough good things about our local MDA. They work really hard and put in some long hard hours to make sure families and people struggling with MD are taken care of and have what they need. We hope this year’s Stride and Ride raises more than ever. Give early and give often!

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