Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Bob's Dad and Stepmom
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We got the call this morning. Bob's dad passed away around 11 last night. He got to spend Christmas with the birthday Boy.

Other stuff seems so unimportant right now, but other than receiving that phone call, we have had a very nice Christmas.

Bob loved the presents I got him and said he felt completely and utterly spoiled which is exactally what I was going for. He deserves to be spoiled. I am happy to make his day.

I got my iPod. Any suggestions on songs? I actually haven't received it yet. I got the money for it and ordered it online. It should be here something this next week. I don't know what the momentous first song should be. Any suggestions, please email me or leave a comment.

In the meantime, please love on your family, tell them you love and appreciate them, and have a Merry Christmas.


Mary said...

My sympathies, Amy. We lost my father-in-law 13 years ago yesterday as well. I still miss him.

Yvonne said...

Would you please give Bob a hug from me? I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

Ms said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Please pass on my condolences to Bob and his family.