Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Tree Shakeup

Don't all the cats look calm and peaceful in that photo? Yeah, looks are deceiving. I came out to the living room this morning to engage in my usual morning ritual. What did I find? Why, I found the cat tree tipped over, the Christmas tree knocked into the wall and ornaments scattered all over. It looked like Christmas exploded in our dining room. I managed to right the two trees and put some ornaments back. I don’t usually take the Christmas stuff down until New Year’s weekend so I don’t want to clean it all up and put it away. I just put the majority of spilled ornaments in a box and set it aside for when I clean it all up on the 1st. Naughty little monkeys!

Today work was much like the old days. We finally did some good business and I was busy on my actual job ALL DAY! No filler work, no looking for something to do, no picking up stray projects. It was awesome.

We received word that Bob’s dad’s funeral is tomorrow at 11. His burial is Saturday in WI (he is going to be buried next to his 2nd wife and yet his 3rd wife still lives), and his memorial service is the 6th. We are bringing meat and cheese trays for afterwards. His obit should run on the 4th or thereabouts. Bob’s sister has taken on almost all of the planning and arranging of the details. I have offered our help; hence the meat and cheese trays.

The other day I was in our local grocery store. I was in the cat food aisle when this distraught lady came up to me. She began to tell me the life story of the new kitten she adopted from the Humane Society. Turns out said kitten is no longer eating. She wanted to know what she should do. I don’t think I looked like someone who should know these things, but as luck would have it, I do know some about these things thanks to a husband who was a certified vet tech. I asked the lady if she implemented set feeding times or if she just left the food out all day. She said she left it out all day. I told her she should begin to use two set feeding times, once in the morning and once in the evening. I asked her what kind of food she was feeding the kitten. She told me and I said she should really go to the petfood warehouse and purchase one of the two or three better brands of food and NOT to switch it. Once she finds a brand, she should stick with it. Then I told her she could buy some wet food that day and see if the kitten liked that. If she did, she should mix it with the dry while incrementally increasing the dry until it was all dry. I know some experts think cats should only eat wet food but I think the dry is fine. It helps with teeth and their poos aren’t as gross. She thanked me as though I had just given her the secret of life and went on her way. When I got home, I told Bob what had happened and he laughed and said he is glad he had taught me something in our 5 years of marriage.

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