Sunday, December 10, 2006

Two Days Down

This picture should have been our Christmas card photo of the cats. This is the closest they get without actually touching. At least as far as Maisey is concerned. Daisy and the kittens snuggle together all the time.
I have spent this whole day lying on the couch moaning. The extra strength Midol is not really helping today at all. The heating pad is offering some relief, but I haven't had a period like this since high school. At least that I remember. It is kicking my butt!
Towards the end of the day yesterday I did manage to find the energy to clean the cat boxes, vacuum, and get a few straggler Christmas cards written. That's about all I accomplished this weekend.
The holidailies asked the question, "what is your favorite holiday scent?" I would have to say mine is fresh cut pine mixed with spicy cinnamon stick. We don't have a real tree this year but I do have some pine candles that I've been burning occationally. And it seems that every time I get into our elevator here at home, there is the smell of pine and needles on the floor. I always take as deep a breath as I can and inhale that beautiful scent. Mmmmm.
Another scent that reminds me of the holidays is the scent of banana bread baking. I'm not sure how it got started, but the baking of banana bread is done by my father during the holidays. Around Thanksgiving, we would start saving the cans from our vegetables and soups. Dad would mix up his banana bread and bake them in cans. He would store some in the freezer, bring some to parties, give some as gifts, and we would eat the rest. I love his banana bread. Oh, except for the candied cherries. He also puts chocolate chips in it. My favorite. Dad, if you're reading this, can you bring some banana bread to Family Christmas at the end of the month?

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