Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday Food Buffet at Work

Holiday Food Buffet at Work
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Do you work somewhere where there is a lot of food during the holidays? I do. The insurance companies we work with send us all kinds of holiday goodies. Yesterday we got a giant box of cookies, cakes, bars, breads, and candy. We also got a huge basket from Harry and David that contained more candy than fruit from another company. And there is the requisite tin of popcorn. And it all sits on the filing cabinet in front of my work station. I can't wait until January.

For some reason today I was easily irritated. Everything seemed to get under my skin and prickle me. If I hadn't just finished my princess lady time, I would swear I was PMSing. We have a woman in our department who has asthma and she coughs and coughs and coughs and coughs all day long. Usually I can tune it out, but today every cough set me on edge. Oh, and it's not just a little cough like heh heh heh. No, it's a full on barking cough that requires her to use every muscle group in her body to express. She sneezes in much the same way, but thankfully does not sneeze so very often. That was just one thing that irritated me today. I am glad I was able to leave that at work though and not come home and take it out on Bob.

A former co-worker came over for dinner tonight. We had pizza and salad and a lovely conversation. She is the one we would call to sit with the cats when we went out of town and the cats seemed to remember her. She sat on the floor and they all crowded around her, pushing her hands for more petting. She's the best. I miss her a lot and am glad we are continuing to keep in touch.

Tomorrow night a group of my girlfriends is meeting me at Chevy's for dinner. This is a belated birthday shin dig and I can't wait. Usually December is so very hard to get people together, but these gals have been diligent about getting together for my birthday so that's nice.

We continue to collect Christmas cards. I tape all the cards to our front entry way and all the photos to the back of our front door. As difficult as it is to get the cards from my friends with kids, I love seeing them grow and change from year to year. We got a card this year from some friends we hadn't heard from in a while. The last card we had included a photo of their son. This card showed two progeny. I hadn't heard they had a second, so that was a nice surprise. Others' kids are starting school, learning sports, and just growing up. I can't wait for the day when we can add new little faces to our Christmas card. (sans fur of course.)

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Mary Jo said...

Hey, Amy - I hope you and Bob are still considering the adoption option and continuing the discussion. I'm sure, though, you've got a lot going on during the holidays! Keep fighting the good fight!