Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Official End of Birthday Week

Laurie, Lisa, and Karra
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I had a lovely dinner with five of my girlfriends last night. It was a lovely dinner. We met at Chevy's where I proceded to eat my approximate weight in chips and salsa. I love their salsa. I ate so much that I had no room left for dinner. I ordered it anyway so I could eat some yummy food for lunch today.

These women are the best. They have loved me, pursued me, accepted me, and pampered me this entire hard, blechy year. Not only that, but they surprised me greatly by presenting me with a gift certificate to a local spa. It was a large enough gift certificate where I can enjoy a massage and a manicure. I've never had a massage, let alone a massage at a spa! What a huge treat. Bob said that as part of my Christmas gift, he will add some money to it so I can partake in a spa package!

Anyway, dinner started at 6 and I didn't end up leaving until 9:30 and only then because it was late and I'd promised Bob I'd bring him something home to eat. It was a blessed time of fellowship, laughter, sharing, encouragement, and care. I am blessed and so lucky to know these women. They are among the kindest, smartest, funniest, and most caring people I know. I am not worthy to carry their shoes and yet they love me and seek to bless me. What an honor.