Friday, December 15, 2006

A Very Nice Birthday

Inside Palomino
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Yesterday was very nice. My husband spoiled me rotten. He had flowers, balloons, and candy sent to me at work. He said he wanted to create a sensation and let all my co-workers know without a doubt that I am adored. I think he accomplished that. I certainly felt adored.

Later, we had a lovely dinner at Palomino. We shared a chop chop salad and some lovely bruschetta. Bob ordered rigatoni bolognese in a red pepper creme sauce. I had smoked salmon with butternut squash risotto. We followed up with an amazing chocolate tiramisu. It was a divine meal. We ate leisurely and had wonderful service. It really was a nice way to spend my birthday.

After dinner we wandered around the Minneapolis skyways looking at the lights and decorations. We missed the Hollidazzle parade, though we did get stuck in the parade traffic. I would like to attend Hollidazzle with Bob at some point. We haven't yet seen it together, though we've been together through 7 holiday seasons.

Today work was good. There is a lot of end of the year stuff going on and people are running around like crazy. Still, There is other stuff to take on. The box of holiday decorations has been sitting out in the open waiting for "someone" to put them up. I got tired of everyone passively complaining about them being out but not up so I just sucked it up and did it. I got some kudos for taking the initiative so that felt good. I got further kudos for taking all the food we've been receiving in gift baskets and packing it all up in ziplock bags so it doesn't spoil over the weekend. We have about a dozen people working in our department. Half of us are women and, well, the other half are men. The men do not do anything to tend to our work area. We have had food on Fridays and left the men in charge since the women in our area are gone by 5 and there are at least 3 men there until 7. We come back on Monday only to find the food spoiled, hard, melted, etc. We also come back to find coffee burned to the pot because the boys did not turn off the coffee makers. So I put the food that can sit out in ziplocks and the food that can't sit out in the fridge. The boys still complained because I "put the food away". Babies.

This weekend will be spend running errands, cleaning, and on Sunday it's Bob's family Christmas shin dig. The coming week is blessedly slow and the Christmas weekend wonderfully mellow.

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