Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Perfect Day

Handmade Gradeschool ornament
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This is a photo of my most favorite ornament. I made it myself when I was in grade school. I don't remember how old I was, but I'm impressed that it has held together at least 30 years. It's made of felt, glue, some stuffing, and a little thread. Oh, and googly eyes.

Today was as close to a perfect work day as I have had in years. When I got to work, there was an email in my in-box saying a co-worker had nominated me for a service excellence award based on my recent performance. She said she was impressed with the number of tasks I have taken on in the wake of the mass exodus. She also said she felt the communication skills I've implemented to keep the flow of information steady in the office is impressive. What a boost to my ego! I got a $25 gift card and a commemorative pin.

My work flow was completely perfect today. I did not have any down time in which to get bored or to get into trouble. One thing flowed into the next and into the next until it was time for lunch. At lunch, the cafeteria was serving cheesy pasta shells with garlic bread and a side salad. That happens to be one of my very favorite foods.

The work flow continued again until it was time to go home. I received a work package I'd ordered last week and really needed before the end of this week. I also received an awesome CD of loon calls and outdoor summer noises. It not only features the 4 calls of the loons, it also features spring peepers, bird calls, owls, lake waves lapping on shore, a summer thunderstorm, and fish jumping out of water. I listened to it as I worked and it was so relaxing and calming. It was the perfect medicine for me on this frigid, freezing cold December day.

On my way home from work, I stopped to see Bob before I picked us up some dinner. Bob gave me some money and said I could keep the change or I could put it in our Alaska fund. I said I would put it in the Alaska fund. Then Bob said we could use the fund for something else. I asked what else we could use it for. He said, maybe as an adoption fund. Adoption fund! We are going to talk more formally about it tomorrow.

And that is the end of my perfect day.

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Laura said...

I realized that I was smiling as I was reading this. I'm so glad a perfect day exists, and you deserve it more than anyone. I'm also excited to follow your adoption plans.

I've commented once before, and I'm sorry if I seem like an internet stranger, but you're so inspiring to me, and you really make the most of your life. Thank you.