Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy birthday to me!  Happy birthday to my brother Huff!  Happy birthday to Miss Muriel!  Happy birthday to Darcy!  Happy birthday to my college friend Nathan!  Happy birthday to my cousin Mark!  OK I think that does it for people I know with the same birthday as me. 

Tonight we are going out for dinner.  We have reservations at Palomino.  I hope we have a good time.  I think I am finally over burbly tummy, at least for now.  I got my free latte at the coffee shop this morning and to celebrate, I bought the drink of the guy behind me. Also, my lovely husband sent flowers and balloons to me at work today.  It was a lovely surprise I was not at all expecting.  He is the BEST!

Speaking of the best husband in the whole world, Bob got a call from his doctor and his MRI results are back. Turns out he has a slipped disk.  They wanted to do steroid injections but that is a no-no when you have a neuro-muscular condition.  They are sending his results to the orthopedist he is seeing a week from today.  Hopefully that doctor can come up with something to help. 

I am hoping one of my Christmas gifts to Bob helps in some way.  I ordered him a Cuddle Ewe under quilt for his hospital bed.  It’s supposedly recommended by those suffering from Fibromyalgia.  It’s a padding made up of 15 some odd layers of pure lamb’s wool, sewn together and quilted.  It’s supposed to keep you warm in winter, cool in summer, and make your bed comfy cozy all the time.  If nothing else, it will be an added comfort to his hospital bed.  I got a good deal on it and am excited about it.  It came in a GIANT box though.  I’m glad I had it delivered to work because Bob would be all up in my grill about it before Christmas.

Today we had a “Holiday Traditions” potluck at work.  I brought cheesy potatoes and a chocolate bundt cake.  I am thankful that I do not have any leftovers to take home.  Bob was bummed he didn’t get any cake last night.  He thought I was making it as a birthday cake for me but my birthday cake is always an angel food cake with strawberry frosting so he should know better.  I AM making the angel food this weekend for his family Christmas gathering on Sunday.

I received printed materials from the adoption agency yesterday and read through them last night. There is a LOT of information to take in.  I do feel better about the background check/doctor’s note/personal life perusal based on one of the brochures I read.

      Please understand that our social worker is not expecting you to be a perfect parent-just as she knows the child you adopt will not be a perfect child!  Your social workers goal is for you to be read to begin this exciting journey of adoptionin essence; the adoption study embodies the three key components of a successful adoption: information, education, and support.  Dont minimize the importance of being well informed, educated, and supported throughout your adoption process-from the first meeting you have at an agency until your child joins your family.

I found out a ton of other info as well.  Domestic infant adoptions can take up to 2 years or more.  Their adoption study fee is based on a sliding scale according to annual income, but will still range between $12,000 to $15,000 after all is said and done.  International adoption is more than twice that.  However, we would not qualify to adopt from Thailand due to my history of depression and obesity.  We might be discounted from adopting from Russia, Kazakhstan, and Korea for the depression thing.  Korea will also not let your adopt if you are overweight.  No applications are currently being accepted for Columbia or Guatemala until 2008.  We also cannot adopt from Korea because Bob is over the age limit by one year.  So, based on this, we WOULD qualify to adopt children from Vietnam, Ethiopia, and India (but only if child is under age 1).  However, travel times and costs are prohibitive.  Vietnam travel requirements are 2-3 weeks for at least one of the parents.  Ethiopia has a one week stay, BUT they also have an escort option for an additional $2,000.  India requires a one week stay.  The country program adoption fees (not including travel costs, registration, study fees, processing fees, court, or document fees) are $10,500 for Vietnam, $16,500 for Ethiopia, and $7,600 for Ethiopia.

The next step is to attend a Saturday morning informational meeting at the agency.  We could adopt through the MN waiting child program and fees would be significantly less, but the children are older, often part of sibling groups, and many have had traumatic life experiences.  We’re not opposed to this, we just need more information. 


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Desembarazarme said...

Happy birthday!! And I'm so glad that the adoption process sounds a little more feasible. :)