Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Stacks of Christmas Cards
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Happy Birthday Jens!

That photo shows all our Christmas cards stuffed, addressed, stamped, and licked shut and ready to be mailed. I ended up still being short about a dozen so will have to order more. Bummer.

It snowed lightly here today. Just fluffy flurries that blew around in the wind.

Bob came back from his casino trip $300 richer. Go honey! He had a lot of fun with his nephew and they hope to make this an annual trip. He can be just like a little boy sometimes. He gets so excited and bouncy.

There is not a lot going on right now. Bob has an MRI scheduled for Friday so we are just kind of on hold until then. Next week is my birthday and I am on orders to plan a place for dinner and to pick a couple of friends to join us. I don't know where to go. Maybe Palamino. Maybe Cheesecake Factory. Maybe Sawatdee. No idea. I am not really excited about this birthday really. For the first time in a long time, I am looking at it as just another day.

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PurseSlut said...

Amy, don't go to Cheesecake Factory. I'm assuming you're a fan of Thai food if you're considering Sawatdee, and it's a terrific place. But Palomino is soooo lovely and elegant and romantic for a birthday celebration!