Friday, December 08, 2006


I originally tried to post this on Friday but Blogger Beta was having issues so it's a day late.
This is my pretty Siamese Daisy. She was sitting on my desk and my brother's birthday card. I love her blue eyes.

Today at work was a little crazy. We could only wire 1 of the 4 deposits we received because there were issues with the other 3. The banker that made the other three deposits was from the state of WA and wasn't in the office until 11 our time. I had to leave at noon. Come 11:30, the banker was frantically calling and emailing me with directions to accept the deposits as is. Considering all three deposits had suitability issues, we could not proceed. She was PISSED. Then, 10 minutes before I had to leave, one of the managers emails me that I need to count all of a certain form we have on hand to make sure we are covered for certain upcoming trainings. I emailed back to see if this isn't something that could wait until Monday and thankfully it was.

Bob picked me up at noon and we went to the U for his MRI. It was actually a very quick appointment. We don't have any answers yet. He has an appointment with an orthopedist on the 21st and hope that we will get some answers at that time.

We stopped for lunch and talked some more about adoption. We agreed to think and pray on it until after the first of the year. At that time we will come together and talk about what we think and how we should proceed at that time.

Not much is going on this weekend...which is how I like it. Next weekend is going to be crazy busy and I just need some time to chill. I am mostly done with Christmas shopping. I just need a couple more stocking stuffers for Bob, a couple more presents for him, gift cards for my nephews, and a little something for my Grandma. Then I will be completely done. I should also get some suet for the birds. Not neccessarily a Christmas gift, but something special to make their day.

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