Saturday, December 02, 2006

Merry Christmas From the Cats

Cats nd the tree
Originally uploaded by SunFlowery.
This is the only way we could get a photo featuring all four cats together. Granted my photoshop skills are not that great, but I kind of like it. The lighting and perspective is all off, but it features good photos of all the cats.

Today was a day of running errands and getting stuff done. I started with folding laundry, then cleaning litter boxes. Eventually I had to go to the store and the pharmacy. I came home and made a turkey soup with the last of the leftover turkey, hung Christmas lights on our bedroom balcony, wrapped the first of the Christmas presents, and got our Christmas cards together so I can start them tomorrow. Whew.

Bob is going to Hinckley with his nephew Monday and they are coming back Wednesday. Bob is SO excited. He can't wait to go and is behaving like a little boy at Christmas. Part of his excitment has to do with the Texas Hold'em tournament there Tuesday night. He thinks he's going to win big. He's only ever played online and while he does really well with computer Texas Hold'em, I told him playing with people in person might be quite a different experience all together. Still, he is pretty good, so who knows.

My work holiday party is Monday but my boss's mother in law's memorial service might be that night as well. We are going to play it by ear I guess. The MDA holiday party is Tuesday night and since Bob will be at the casion, I will either skip it or go stag. The month is starting to roll in the business of the season.

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